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The biography on my Twitter (follow it! @TheReelWendi) states, “I love Broadway, entertainment, and journalism, and I’m trying to make a career out of all 3.” This blog post is going to take those three things and tie them together, which is not the easiest feat let me tell you. When I decided to write a blog, I didn’t quite realize how difficult it would be to come up with topics. Obviously I have one underlying theme of entertainment (but then again, I’ve written about myself, my favorite book, and my dream career, so the sky is the limit here apparently), but I want to write about what people find interesting. What do my friends, family, people who randomly Google me, and those who merely click the link I’ve posted on Facebook so many times want to hear about? Instead of picking just one topic, I’m going to touch on some entertainment from throughout the week. And I may or may not end with a little bit of Broadway news…

First is something that actually combined both Broadway and entertainment; Josh Gad guest starred on this week’s episode (premiere) of New Girl! Both of my favorite Mormons (Andrew Rannells of The New Normal) and Josh Gad (both actors starred in The Book Of Mormon, and I met both of them!) were on Tuesday night television and I loved it.

Kim Kardashian’s cat: Before you roll your eyes and ask why on earth I’m writing about a cat, give me a second to explain. I am (though not the biggest, nonetheless) a Kardashian fan. I follow Kim on Twitter and I watch the show when nothing is on or I need some background noise (or, you know, if the episode looks interesting which it sometimes does, no judgment please). However, in the past week I have seen so many pictures of this cat, Mercy, than is probably normal. In fact, all of my roommates (none of whom are the biggest Kardashian fans either), spent a solid thirty minutes laughing about how prevalent this cat is on Twitter and gushing about the photo of Mason holding it (if you haven’t seen it you have to it’s adorable). It’s not normal for a cat to be that prominent on social media, but then again, look at its owner…

Robert Pattinson getting back together with Kristen Stewart: Now, many people can tell you I’m quite the Twilight fan (I’ll go into that later, probably around mid-November when the final movie comes out), but that does not mean I am a Kristen Stewart fan. When she was initially cast as Bella, I didn’t completely agree with the choice, and the constant blinking, lip biting, and stuttering (the makings for the perfect drinking game, I may add) fully convinced me that not only did I not like her as a person, her acting wasn’t my favorite, either. Every time I see her on the red carpet or in an interview, she appears so stand offish and has this attitude like she’s better than everybody else and it just gets to me. In June, I read an article from Elle magazine (a much publicized article now for obvious reasons) with Stewart saying, “I can’t wait for something crazy to f—ing happen to me.” Now, I’m no expert on celebrities, but you have to be pretty conceited to make a comment like that. So when the news broke that she had cheated on Robert Pattinson, I was surprised (sort of) but I was more relieved that Pattinson (who was/is allegedly so infatuated with her) could finally see what an axe wound she really is! Yes, that was a Mean Girls reference, but it’s still true. However, the fact that he may or may not have moved back in with her is really irritating. Granted, my life doesn’t revolve around celebrity relationships, even that of fictional Bella and Edward, but I’m really hoping this is a publicity stunt and the entire ordeal will end come the release of Breaking Dawn Part II. Apparently even their own friends (according to Perez Hilton) are betting on when the relationship will end (can I get in on that?). I do not know them personally (duh), but he seems like a very down to earth, sweet guy who just wants some privacy, while she is around town cheating on him and telling magazines her life is so perfect that something should go wrong. Think about it.

Johnny Lewis dies: I am not a huge Johnny Lewis fan, nor do I watch Sons of Anarchy, but I did watch him on my absolute favorite show of all time, The O.C. (an entire blog post needs to be dedicated to how amazing that show was, but more on that another time). The story itself is completely bizarre, though. He was found dead in the same room as an allegedly murdered 81-year-old woman, and he is rumored to be the killer. He also used to date Katy Perry, another (irrelevant but still intriguing) fact I found interesting, Like I said, I don’t know much about him personally, but the story has been appearing almost everywhere. He will always be Chili from The O.C. Season 3 to me. Does anybody else remember him from this? Tragic situation, regardless.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Given that I was told this movie was being released a week ago, I should be giving you a great review. However, it was released last week, apparently, as limited release only. So I patiently waited until this weekend, which is also, apparently, limited release. I don’t think fate wants me to see this movie. A review is coming, whether it be next week or in a few months when I get my hands on this DVD (assuming its not “limited release” and available in like one state), but I’m trying! In other movie news, I really want to see Pitch Perfect (aka Glee: The Movie), so review will be up if and when I get around to seeing that!

So, I realize the majority of my readers (this is assuming I have readers other than my mom and dad) aren’t the biggest Broadway fans, which is why I’ve tried to delay talking about some of my favorite Broadway actors and actresses. Actually I’m pretty sure half of my blog posts (yes…two out of four so far) have focused on some aspect of Broadway and/or theatre. However, if you are not a Broadway fan, now is your opportunity to become one. And if you don’t want to become one, just humor me for a paragraph or two.

I just finished listening to Laura Osnes’ live concert Dream a Little Dream. Osnes won the NBC reality show Grease: You’re the One That I Want! a few years back (which earned her a Broadway debut as Sandy), and later went on to portray Hope Harcourt in Anything Goes (sadly she left before I saw the show), starred as Bonnie (opposite another favorite of mine, Jeremy Jordan of Newsies and the movie Joyful Noise opposite Dolly Parton, soon to be on Smash.) in the short lived (but with an amazing soundtrack) Bonnie and Clyde. She is going to be starring as the title role in the Broadway revival of Cinderella this January.

I’ve always known Osnes was an amazingly talented actress (thanks to my much listened to Anything Goes and Bonnie and Clyde soundtracks), but this album makes me fall in absolute love with her. Not only does she sing some Broadway favorites (The Sound of Music and The Music Man, among others), but her introductions and duets with fellow Broadway stars is perhaps the most personable and adorable thing I’ve heard in a long time. Side note: She sings “I Have Confidence” from The Sound of Music and I finally had a light bulb moment and realized “I Believe” from The Book Of Mormon parodies this song. Let me tell you, it blew my mind. Anyway, she talks at the beginning of how nervous she is of playing herself as opposed to a character in costume, but her own personality and spunk proves more entertaining than several leading ladies in musicals I’ve both listened to and seen. This is definitely a great buy whether or not you are a fan but if you like to listen to amazing and talented voices sing both show tunes and all kinds of enjoyable music.

Well, this was definitely one of my longer posts (ironic considering I started by ranting about how I can never come up with anything to write about) but thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!



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