That Time I Tried Blogging About the Emmys

Okay, so I’m about to blog about the 64th Annual Emmy Awards. I haven’t blogged about an awards show yet, but, wanting to go into some field of entertainment news, this is a necessity and I’m sure practice will make perfect. I’m not going to play by play the winners (because that’s what Twitter is for! Or, you know, the actual awards show) but I will provide my commentary so you can pretend like I was right there watching it with you (lucky you!). I just got back from my KVR News meeting so I can’t watch it live, but my DVR is playing, I’m sitting on my bed eating my dinner (My Fit Foods Fit Mac, to paint a picture), and I just pressed play. Here we go…

Unfortunately I only know about half the leading ladies in the opening sketch. Though my television interest is anything but minimal, 90210 and Gossip Girl aren’t considered Emmy material. How I Met Your Mother should be, but let’s not even get into that right now (sidenote: Season 8 premieres tomorrow…can’t wait). Loved Ellen Degeneres at the end (pretty sure that woman can make absolutely anything hilarious…thirteen Emmys later this should be stating the obvious).

So I don’t watch HBO’s Girls, but I have heard only great things about it (by time I heard about it I was already knee deep and obsessed with The Newsroom). If I can somehow dwindle down the number of shows I watch (not likely with my new love for The New Normal and the Season 4 much needed resurrection of Glee) I will definitely be catching up on that. I’ve heard from several people I am like the character of Shoshanna, so I will either watch the show to see how funny it is or avoid it forever so I never have to see how obnoxious and annoying the character I am most like probably is.

Fashion moment (sorry, the 20-year-old girl in me has to stop for this): Amy Poheler’s dress is great. I love anything sparkly (a la Taylor Swift), but the black and the glitter combined looks very festive and almost takes away from her very obvious-wondering why it’s there-oh wait she just got divorced that’s why-cleavage. Zooey Deschanel and Amy must have both been going through initiation into the “awkward cleavage for an awards show” club. That makes more sense. Love her dress (very classy and princess-y, yes I am 20 and used the word princess-y). Kat Dennings, as well! Is this a trend? Is this an “Angelina Jolie’s leg” thing? The world may never know.

So for Louis CK winning (the first time) they announced his birthplace a he was accepting his award. Is this new addition? So, theoretically, if (when) I win an Emmy Award, the announcer will say “Taking home the Emmy tonight is Wendi Reichstein, born in Katy, Texas” followed by viewers and fellow actors looking around in confusion asking where the hell that is. Can’t wait.

The comedy section of the Emmy awards should be renamed The Modern Family Awards. Just think of how much time the show would save and how many actors and actresses not on Modern Family wouldn’t have to get their hopes up. Seriously, this show swipes the Emmy Awards every single year! If somebody doesn’t watch this show after all of the proof of how hilarious it is well…oh, wait, that’s me. One day (well it’s like four seasons in so I’m going to be a little more realistic about that…)

Every time I watch an award show, when the announcer is about to say the winner and all of the nominees are shown in those Brady Bunch­-esque boxes I always think of Joey Tribbiani in Friends and how Rachel teaches him a “gracious loser” face. And how when he loses he completely forgets about it and freaks out for about ten seconds before realizing and then doing it. Hilarious. One day this will happen at a real award show and I can’t wait.

 The Emmy Awards just teased the next block of the show with some form of “Jon Hamm has been nominated eight times and never won. Will tonight be the night?” How depressing! If he wins, well okay it’s not so awful (but the audience is reminded of the seven or so previous times when he lost…always fun) and if he loses then the audience is reminded that this is his eighth time to lose. I’m so happy the Emmy Awards think Jon Hamm’s lack of winning constitutes a tease. Next year…”Coming up, Jon Hamm has been nominated nine times. Let’s see who steals it from him this year!”

Okay, time for my minor theatre freak out moment: The Tony Awards being nominated for Best Writing for a Variety Show! Granted, they didn’t win (though Neil Patrick Harris and show tunes all in one evening? The year that featured The Book of Mormon? Really? Okay, it’s a theatre geek thing, I’ll wait until June…) it’s good to know that people other than Broadway-obsessed-show tune-singing-theatre fans appreciate the magic that is the Tony Awards. Love me some Neil Patrick Harris.

…and Modern Family wins Best Comedy (I’m telling you, next year…The Modern Family Awards! ) and Homeland wins Best Drama.

On a last note, how can I get the job of the female announcer? She’s the one that announces the background information for every winner of every award. That could work for me, right? As a fallback? I’ll think it over.

Thanks for reliving the Emmy Awards with me! Until the Golden Globes…



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