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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel: The Alleged Cure for Senioritus

It’s mid-February of my senior year and the inevitable has happened: senioritis has kicked in, and in full force. Instead of catching up on assigned readings, I’m applying for jobs. When there’s a project I really need to get started … Continue reading

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It Starts at Midnight (or, you know, 9:00)

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Do not read if you have not a) read The Hunger Games books and/or b) seen the Catching Fire movie. As far as Twilight (no shame) and The Hunger Games are concerned (and soon Divergent, as well), … Continue reading

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Backstreet’s Back, Alright

There’s always a song that brings back a specific memory. It’s weird the way it works; you’ll be somewhere completely random, hear a certain song, and immediately be transported to a different place. One song that does that for me … Continue reading

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Broadway, I Am Here [VIDEO]

This summer I was given so many incredible chances to appear on-air for Below is a quick recap of my on-camera appearances and reporting opportunities throughout the summer. Enjoy! -Wendi

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“The Host” Wasn’t Very Hospitable

The year is 2010 (give or take…), and for some unfathomable reason I am at the height of my Twilight obsession (or fangirling period however you look at it). I have read all four books at least once, I’ve seen … Continue reading

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The Oscars Were Anything But “Les Miserables”

Disclaimer: I apologize for the inevitable typos. I am a sleep-deprived college student who just wrote the longest blog post ever. Be kind, please 🙂 Hello, readers! I am back and ready to blog about this year’s Academy Awards. I … Continue reading

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The Fetchest Cast Ever

It was officially announced today that Mean Girls is in the beginning stages of one day becoming a Broadway musical. Those who know me, or even those who have quickly glanced at my blog, know that this news had me … Continue reading

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