Whoaaaaa, We’re Halfway There

“Hi, I’m Wendi Reichstein, and you’re watching The Broadway.com Show!”

…quite a leap from introducing KVR News, right?

Well, not exactly. No, I didn’t intro the leading Broadway news broadcast on the web, but I was given two readers to write and announce in this week’s show, and it was just one of the perks my internship gave me during the best weeks at Broadway.com yet.

But let’s rewind.

Okay, so my goal of blogging once of week sort of (and by sort of I mean epically) failed. But hey, the point of being in NYC for summer is that I’m working and busy and out enjoying the experience, right? So forgive me if I fall behind- I promise to update as much and as quickly as I can!

It’s so hard to believe that my time in NYC and at Broadway.com is officially halfway over, because my time at my internship keeps getting better and better. As necessary and as interesting as local news internships are, it’s such an amazing experience for me to interact everyday with people who share more than a passion of journalism. As my internship has progressed, I’ve not only been expected to bring original ideas to the table, but also encouraged. My small, hesitant suggestions were greeted with enough excitement and approval to allow me to hit the ground running as far as brainstorming. These past two weeks have been the best yet- one reason being I got to co-anchor The Broadway.com Show.

For those of you who maybe don’t check Broadway.com on a daily basis (madness), here’s the bottom line: The Broadway.com Show is the Broadway equivalent of E! News. It’s a fun, ten-minute news show that recaps everything and anything that has occurred on Broadway the previous week. This includes buzz stories, tweets of the week, and a star of the week. It’s posted every Wednesday on the site, and on Wednesday, July 3, it featured me.

I was given the rare and thrilling opportunity to help anchor the weekly The Broadway.com Show among the editor-in-chief, managing editor, and full-time reporters. Yes, I can put together a written feature, but my passion lies with broadcast, and I was finally able to show what I do best among those who may become my employers one day.

My eagerness take on a new feature led me to the 2013 National High School Musical Theatre Awards (in layman’s terms, the Tony Awards for high school students). Sitting second row in a large, Broadway theatre, I took notes, assisted with interviews on the red carpet, and was even given an opportunity to attend the after party solo, recorder in hand, to talk to the winners for an upcoming feature. The next day, I put together the very feature I spent the previous night working tirelessly on, and with a little editing, some feedback, and continued encouragement, my second feature was posted on the homepage of Broadway.com.

As much as I love my job, I also love my friends, so being able to fly to Austin for July 4th weekend was so much fun. It was the small but memorable break from the city that I needed. I got to see my sister, stay with my best friends, and fill myself up with gallons of queso after my one-month deprivation up here in the north.

With tickets to Pippin and Kinky Boots in hand, I’m continuing to cross Broadway shows off of my bucket list (most recently was Annie– completely adorable and nostalgic as I could only picture my stage debut at McMeans Junior High the entire time. Jane Lynch was surprisingly great and the orphans were, not surprisingly, adorable).

And that’s June! Next up, the month of July in New York City.


About Wendi

Welcome to my little, personalized, and (mostly) fun corner of the internet. Whether you're here to read about Broadway, entertainment, or the laughable struggles of a recent college graduate making it out in corporate America, you've come to the right place. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin (hook 'em!) with dual degrees in broadcast journalism and theatre, and currently work full time as Director of Regional Marketing for Broadway Across America. My weaknesses are chips and queso, Dance Moms, romantic comedies, photo booths, and show tunes. Resume, writing samples (more serious ones...), and my life story can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendireichstein/.
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