New York City: My Own Little Corner

In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be…

            These past few weeks I have been an intern, a reporter, a fan, an audience member, a New Yorker (at least, an attempted one) and (when being a New Yorker fails) a tourist. But, like the well-known princess Cinderella, I haven’t been confined to a little chair in the corner. On the contrary, New York City has continued to be my playground where I get lost, applaud myself for taking the correct subway the first time, commute to and from work among the cliché hustle bustle of Times Square, see Broadway musicals (you knew that was coming) and experience things completely foreign to a girl born and raised in Texas.

I’ll venture to say that it’s a good sign when you’re too busy to sit down and write a blog post. The past two weeks have been filled with so much fun, experience and Broadway, and I it’s still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that I’ve done so much in merely three weeks.

A star of a recently closed Broadway show, a family of Broadway favorites that includes an original cast member of one of my favorite musicals and a past Tony nominee, meeting one of my favorite Broadway leading ladies and crossing another musical off my bucket list covers simply one day this week. And hence another post about my summer in NYC begins…

It’s cliché, but it’s always a good sign when you’re excited to wake up and go to work in the morning, and each day I wake up more and more eager to get to and talk about something I’m passionate about. The summer intern had a fabulous past couple of weeks at the office. This week at was the best yet- one reason being I got my first official byline on the site. Sure, it was a simple press announcement- but said announce did involve a past Tony winner, and seeing my name listed on a site that I frequent to fill up on my Broadway news was/is unreal. Sitting in on daily pitch meetings and having my ideas not only listened to but encouraged has been a thrill. I can’t wait to keep brainstorming and contributing to a site I one was merely a fan of- this is only the beginning (cue the cliché), and I definitely am anxious see what else I’ll contribute to the site in the following weeks.

The multimedia reporter for had a pretty exciting week, as well. On Thursday and Friday, I was able to shoot and shadow interviews with Keala Settle (Tony nominee for Hands on a Hardbody), Andrew (Newsies), Maggie, and Celia (Peter and the Starcatcher, the upcoming The Glass Menagerie) Keenan-Bolger and John Ellison Conlee (Murder Ballad), and the owner of Broadway’s favorite bakery, Schmackary’s, Zachary Schmahl. The one man band reporter will be continuing to seek out interviews, film and edit content, and report while in NYC- proving that the University of Texas broadcast sequence (and the stress that comes with it) can add that much more confidence to an aspiring journalist working on stories alone in the big city.

Thursday night I saw my second (yes- only my second- those of you who know me should find the fact that I’ve only seen two shows in three weeks unreal, but trust me, by the end of the summer almost every show on my bucket list will be crossed off) Broadway show- and one that had topped my list for a while, Cinderella. Though I was a bit hesitant about the new book, which had gotten very mixed reviews, the excitement of finally seeing one my favorite Broadway actresses, Laura Osnes, live on stage (and from the front row) brushed away my fear. As it turns out, however, fear was never needed. The timeless story and classic songs wove seamlessly into Douglas Carter Beane’s humorous, creative, and telling script. Santino Fontana was adorable and charming (pun intended) as Prince Topher, and Laura Osnes was magical- bringing Cinderella more to life than any other actress I’ve seen. I grew up with the Rogers and Hammerstein music thanks to the 1997 Disney adaption starring Brandy, Bernadette Peters and Whitney Houston, but seeing the fairy tale come to life onstage was incredible. It’s definitely a show I’d recommend (boy or girl) to anybody needing a recommendation (of course, I still have to see Kinky Boots, Pippin, and Annie, to name a few, so my recommendation may be changing), but Cinderella was anything but a disappointment. Oh, and getting an autograph from and a picture with Ms. Osnes at the stage door afterward wasn’t so bad, either.

It’s hard to believe it’s already my fourth week here and already so much has happened. Yes, I still have some adjusting to do (Google Maps isn’t perfect and neither am I), some touristy places to see (still have to hit the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial, and several museums), shows to watch (obviously), and things to learn, but for a girl who merely a month ago was terrified, homesick, and anxious, where I am right now is a pretty fabulous place to be, because I can be whatever I want to be.


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