The Oscars Were Anything But “Les Miserables”

Disclaimer: I apologize for the inevitable typos. I am a sleep-deprived college student who just wrote the longest blog post ever. Be kind, please 🙂

Hello, readers! I am back and ready to blog about this year’s Academy Awards. I must preface that I am simultaneously blogging for Stage Door Dish and tweeting for KVR News, so needless to say the Oscars are pretty much taking over my Sunday evening (who are we kidding, it would have my undivided attention regardless). It goes without (much) saying that I prefer the Tony Awards to the Oscars, but tonight I think we’ll get as close to making the Oscars theatre friendly as ever. With a Les Miserables tribute (can you say Aaron Tveit?!), a Kristen Chenoweth appearance, a Barbra Streisand performance, and many more, I think it’s safe to say Broadway is slowly but surely invading Hollywood, and I love it.

I am also very much looking forward to Seth MacFarlane as host. It’s obvious that he is absolutely hilarious, and he brings a new sense of humor to the show that is new, fresh, and unique. I love when hosts push the envelope, though I think being new to the Oscar scene, Seth may play it safe. If it’s half as funny as Family Guy, however, I am not at all worried. I watched *most* of the preshow on the red carpet (I’m a college student, you guys, I have homework and, well, napping to do as well) but I am all geared up to watch the entirety of the awards show! Make sure to check out my video blog recap tonight on Stage Door Dish as well as a recap on KVR News tomorrow night at 9! Have I covered all of my “pre-show” bases? Well, it’s 7:27 PM, so I guess there’s nothing else left to do but sit back, relax (who am I kidding, I’m blogging/tweeting for like 3 different outlets here), and watch the 2013 Academy Awards.

Okay, Seth, you already made Tommy Lee Jones laugh (with a joke about making him last)…definitely a good choice. I love this opening monologue. This usually doesn’t happen, but I was laughing out loud at almost every joke. I haven’t even seen every movie nominated (much to the shame of my mother), but I appreciated every joke. Forget everything I said earlier about pushing the envelope (or being afraid he wouldn’t, I should say). He is not only pushing, but exploding the envelope, and I am thrilled. Let’s be a honest, a song about actresses’ boobs in films at an awards show as classy as the Academy Awards is only something Seth MacFarlane could pull off. By the way, can I adopt the Gay Men’s Choir of Los Angeles? I don’t think I’ve seen a more adorable group of men with such beautiful voices.

According to Twitter, people are hating on Seth right about now, so I’m not sure if I just have the weirdest sense of humor or what, but I am thoroughly entertained. Except for that Flight sock puppet thing. Actually, I’m pretty sure the above paragraph raving about this opening monologue just jinxed it. When Joseph Gordon Levitt, Daniel Radcliffe, and Seth all sing (with great voices, I may add) in tuxedos and I’m not really paying attention, it’s time to change the script. And what is this sketch with Sally Field? I feel like I’m watching a bad SNL sketch right now. This little Star Trek-futuristic-preventing from being a bad host gag needs to end. Beauty and the Beast redeemed it slightly, but honestly I’m really not sure whether to be entertained, bored, or just very confused.

I adore Reese Witherspoon’s dress. She herself is adorable as well, but her beautiful dress doesn’t hurt. She also introduced Les Miserables (just a clip, but still). Whoever’s idea it was to play the JAWS music when a speech ran too long (ahem, Life of Pi visual effects team) definitely deserves so kind of raise. Pure genius (not to mention, hilarious). Sure, it demeans the classiness just a tad, but after whatever the second half of that opening monologue was it was very entertaining to have a nice laugh. Bravo.

I am also quite a fan of Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful Valentino dress. It is classy, elegant, and gorgeous, and I am insanely jealous that I do not get to wear it. Also, Channing Tatum in a tuxedo is never a disappointment.

Les Miserables has its first win! Sure, it’s makeup and hairstyling (why must we wait for the exciting stuff?), but a win’s a win! I am seriously hoping this is some foreshadowing for more awards later on in the evening. *Cough cough* Anne Hathaway? I know he’s not nominated by I’d gladly give Aaron Tveit an Oscar, too. Just because he’s Aaron Tveit.

Kerry Washington’s dress also is officially added to my list of dresses I wish I could own, or actually not even own just wear around all day long whenever I desire. Jessica Chastain’s beautiful gold gown is perhaps my favorite of the evening (the night, however is still young).

Okay, the movie musical tribute. I can’t, I just can’t even breathe right now. Yes, I am a Broadway fangirl and always will be and am not at all ashamed one bit. As was the opposite with tonight’s opening monologue this performance started great and just kept getting better.

Les Miserables: I was shaking. I felt like I was watching the Tony Awards and I absolutely love it and couldn’t have been happier. Of course the best moment (for me) came when the beautiful and beyond talented (did I mention beautiful?) Aaron Tveit appeared onstage, with his short hair in the classiest tuxedo singing in all of his Broadway glory. The entire ensemble did an incredible job. The only critique (and this is if I was forced up against a wall, here) was costumes would have made it (even more) golden. But, hey, Aaron Tveit in a tuxedo I am not complaining whatsoever. And I liked Anne Hathaway’s performance dress much more than the one she actually wore on the red carpet. If you know me, you know I can go on and on about things like this until the cows come home, so just watch my Stage Door Dish video tomorrow 🙂

Major props to the Sound of Music gag. Of course, you’d only understand it if you’re a pretty big fan (like me, obviously), but it was hilarious. More jokes like that one are appreciated, please.

Kristen Stewart, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Why are you a presenter? Presenters are supposed to be charismatic (that means you have some emotion) with stage presence. Also, people have to like them. I am the biggest Twilight fan out there, and I’m really wondering why you were asked to be a presenter. I honestly think people would have enjoyed me up there more. Just, no. Plus, your leg is broken (or something). If that’s not a sign you should have stayed home I don’t know what is. I do like your dress, but a smile wouldn’t kill you.

Barbra- I have nothing to say. Perfection. And even more Broadway love for tonight. And bringing out the Chicago cast was once again a stroke of theatre genius. I also fell in love Catherine Zeta-Jones’ beautiful and sparkling gold dress (how appropriate for the Oscars, right?). No Oscar ceremony will ever compete with this one not for the jokes, not for the nominees, but for the amount of musical theatre.

At this point in the evening the broadcast has run 8 minutes over (only a journalism major would understand the panic producers for the show are going through right about now), and honestly I am very tired. The last three and most important awards are next of course, so I’m looking forward to hearing that and then going to bed. Honestly this is the first time I’ve been very ready for an awards show to end. Of course, after the musical theatre tribute I sort of checked out (okay, okay, I didn’t), but this broadcast really feels much longer than usual.

I am so excited for Jennifer Lawrence’s win! She was amazing in Silver Linings Playbook and honestly seems like the most down to earth, nicest girl ever (which is much more than I can say fir a certain Bella Swan). Also, huge ego boost to The Hunger Games who now has an Oscar winning actress in the lead role (you go, Glenn Coco). Also, who else would have been so adorable almost falling on their face at the Oscars? Um, Buzzfeed, this happened like ten seconds ago, what is this meme already up? Props to Hugh Jackman for also being adorable and helping her.  You rock, Jean Valjean. We all know my thoughts on Lincoln, but Daniel Day-Lewis was 100% deserving of the Best Actor award. Of course the theatre fan in me is a bit upset for Hugh Jackman, but I predicted this win the minute I sat through the (what seemed to be extremely long) historical movie over Thanksgiving.

And *drumroll please…* Best Picture goes to Argo! I did not see it, but from what I’ve heard this award was extremely well deserved. And finishing with a Duet between Seth and Kristen Chenoweth (in like my one-hundredth favorite dress of the evening…that gold ballgown is incredible) is always a great thing. Seth…I give you a B+, but it was your first time. And (for the last time), the musical theatre tribute was well worth watching this over three-hour show.


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  1. Mira says:

    Wow, this was a remarkable post. I haven’t watched the Oscars but now I feel I have. I just missed all the jokes 😉

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