So They’re No Stage Actors, But I Guess the Screen is Pretty Cool, Too…

Hello, blog readers! I apologize, I know it’s been a while since my last post but between school starting up again and everything that entails it has been quite the stressful few weeks back here in Austin. With that said, I have a lot going on this semester. I am in a TV Producing class, which means many more news stories as well as opportunities to anchor Texas Newswatch (in addition to KVR News). I also have a goal of shooting/editing/posting at least one new video blog a month, so hopefully we will see a lot more videos related to entertainment, Broadway, and pop culture. Lastly, I am currently working on a project for a certain video contest. I’m not going to say what it is quite yet as I don’t want to jinx anything, but I am going to try to utilize my Twitter (everybody follow it! @TheReelWendi) a little more. Starting February 1, I will post a picture every day relating to what I am working on (sort of like a clue), and will post the video for all the word to see once I’ve officially submitted it. So, that’s currently my life here at UT! But enough about me, onto the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards…

Though my life doesn’t revolve around the SAG Awards like it does the Oscars or the Tony’s, I think these awards really best reflect performances. It’s actors judging actors. They know what goes into performance, they know first hand what these nominees experience, and they know better than anyone (producers, directors, audiences) what it takes to work as an actor. It also means all of the awards are acting awards, which guarantees I won’t want to fast forward (so sorry, obscure awards for foreign films I’ve never heard of…).

Okay, first thing, this lady narrating the beginning of the show by showing clips of stars on the red carpet is completely unnecessary. The puns alone are eye-roll worthy, and don’t worry, obscure SAG Awards narrator, I’ll see all of my favorite celebrities once the show begins.

I do love the “I am an actor” introduction given by many actors in the audience. A an actress myself, I loved the brief background each actor gave describing their experience in the acting world, and I love that the show took the time to recognize the importance of the physical act of acting, instead of immediately cutting to the humor and fun poking of the host (though I do love that, as well all know). And Darren Criss, anything you are part of I am destined to love, even if you are an acorn. And Sophia Vergara, I am thrilled to know your second job option was to be a hooker.

We all know how I feel about Lincoln (don’t worry I won’t go into it again), but Tommy Lee Jones’ award for Male Actor in a Supporting Role was well-deserved. I wouldn’t have objected if Robert DeNiro had fun for Silber Linings Playbook, either.

For somebody suffering from a bad case of pneumonia (actually for somebody who is perfectly healthy), Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning. I definitely hope she continues her winning streak for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. I also can’t wait to see her as Katniss in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (nine months!) Have I mentioned I love her? Yeah, I absolutely love her.

Poor Sally Field. She is such a brilliant actress (almost at the caliber of Meryl) and she is getting swept this awards season by Anne Hathaway. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think Anna deserved Female Actress in s Supporting Role for the wonderful Les Miserables (another obsession, and no I won’t go into it again about how much I loved this movie). Anne is a great actress, as well, and took a small role and made it one of the most memorable experiences during the film. Sally, however, is great as well, and was great in Lincoln, so I do feel a little bad for her that she has to compete with the lovely and talented Fantine. Had Anne not been in Les Miserables, Mama Gump would have been winning these awards.

The cast of Glee looks so adorable at their table! Even though half of the people sitting there are currently MIA in terms of being on the actual show, but it takes me back to Season 1 when all of them were on at all times and the show was actually funny (sorry Ryan Murphy, I still watch, though!). The cast of Modern Family won best ensemble vast? What. A. Shock (not).

Huge props to Julianne Moore for naming a huge list of fellow actors that were part of her Game Change team. 10 points for keeping it classy. James Marsden, I don’t quite know where you’ve been hiding for the past year or so but it’s okay because you looked damn fine tonight.

Okay, Les Miserables, I love you but a few notes. 1. “I Dreamed a Dream” is not the only song in the 2 and a half hour of nonstop singing movie. 2. Aaron Tveit is in the movie, too.

Dick van Dyke: I’m probably way to young to appreciate how great of an actor he truly is/ what in the land of comedy theatre and film, I do love Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep. The biography they showed about him was really amazing, and it was a lovely surprise seeing that early on he was a news reporter for CBS news (see? I have a solid future in acting and at a SAG Award on that alone). And, of course, any actor with even the smallest bit of a Broadway background has my attention.

Jessica Chastain looks beautiful! I am in love with her simple, stunning red gown. I also am a huge fan of Jayma Mays’ sparkling white dress, although she would look cute in anything. Another dress I wouldn’t mind putting in my closet is Jennifer Lawrence’s navy number. And, going off of that…

Another win for my favorite Jennifer Lawrence! So well deserved as I’ve said many times before. She also looks completely shocked which I absolutely love. At the People’s Choice Awards she mentioned Mean Girls and tonight she mentioned MTV and My Super Sweet Sixteen, are we destined to be best friends or what? This girl is on fire (see what I did there?). Ben Affleck also looked shocked when Argo won best ensemble cast and the humility is adorable.

And that’s awards show #3 of the season! Stay tuned in a few weeks for the best awards show of the year (well, in terms of movies, I for one still covet the wonderful and incomparable Tony’s in June). I am hoping to have another post between now and then (a video blog, perhaps)? Thanks so much for reading and remember to follow @TheReelWendi!



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