Occasionally the Golden Globes can be “Tony Awards for the Big Screen,” right?

Of course the priority of any self-proclaimed entertainment blogger is to make awards shows a priority. That is why I am currently sitting in my bed at my apartment in Austin in my pajamas, a Lean Cuisine in the microwave, with all of my bags unpacked ready with my laptop open to blog about tonight’s Golden Globes.

Some say the Golden Globes are a foreshadowing of the Oscars; that in retrospect they aren’t really that important, they just preface the biggest entertainment awards show of the year and serve to bring attention to the nominated films and rally even more hype before the Academy Awards weeks later. I completely disagree with this. First of all, what serious awards show (aka not the MTV Movie Awards) will you have a category for best comedic movie? The fact that comedy is (excuse the irony) taken seriously for an uppity awards show is fantastic (also that the category is shared with musicals, once again anything that gives Broadway love has a fan in me). Also, television is included, and as a viewer who has a more than appropriate number of shows currently saved to her DVR, needless to say that is appreciated as well.

You know those hosts that always call out certain celebrities in a very inappropriate way and offend everybody? You know…the ones viewers hate? Well, I absolutely love them. I hate predictable jokes that merely garner a chuckle, I mean, if that’s all you want hardly anybody could stand up on that stage with a microphone. That mistake was not made with the lovely Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Eight minutes into the Globes and that wonderful duo has made smile, chuckle, and yes…actually laugh. Then again, make those two read the back of cereal boxes and I’ll crack up, so really no surprise there.

Now, like with the People’s Choice Awards, I won’t blog about every award because some movies I have not seen so can’t form an opinion, and also if I commented on every single award this blog post would once again be a novel.

Though she lost for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series, I started watching Nashville this season (great show), and I think Hayden Panettiere is fantastic. Really, the fact that she able to make me really want to slap her at times (and this is sweet innocent Hayden who we all remember from Remember the Titans, mind you) makes her wonderful in the role of Taylor Swift if she were villainous and self centered, Juliette Barnes. I’m not saying she is necessarily Golden Globe award-winning material (yet, and anyway that award went to Maggie Smith of Downton Abbey), but she definitely is a perfect fit for that show with a voice to match. Oh, and Sofia Vergara just annoys the crap out of me.

On a side note, I really want to be Ms. Golden Globe. It’s really a shame neither of my parents are famous (being that that seems to be the only prerequisite for standing onstage directing traffic in a designer gown). Such a shame.

The Les Miserables trailer…yes I stopped everything when I heard Catherine Zeta-Jones start singing the score. And yes, I definitely expect this movie to win especially because the category it is in is Comedy/Musical, and that movie was definitely better than any comedy that came out this year. I’m a little less confident about the Oscars because it will be compared with films like Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln (which everybody loved but I still stand by the notion that I hated), but as far as the Globes are concerned I better be singing “Do You Hear the People Sing,” at the end of the telecast due to my excitement over that movie’s highly deserved win. It’s so hard to tell I’m a huge Broadway fan, isn’t it (just wait until we get to Smash)? 😉

The president of the Hollywood Foreign Press is funny? Wait, she isn’t just funny, she is adorable. Who knew? I usually tune out the HFPA President’s monotonous and (well) boring speech, but this woman is so cute! Maybe she can host next year (kidding). And yes, cute little lady, I didn’t forget your name, because it’s very long and I’m not sure I heard it right the first time.

I’m so disappointed The Newsroom didn’t win for Best TV Series: Drama. However, after reading tweets about how deserved the Homeland win is, maybe I won’t make such a stink about it. Granted, I don’t watch Homeland (yeah, yeah, I know…but I’m a student I only have so much time for 90210 and Nashville…oh and like five others), but being a journalist obviously I am enamored with Aaron Sorkin’s newest series. The acting, the writing…it is also so enthralling and fast paced and I cannot wait for the next season. If you’re looking for an engaging new (semi-new) show to get hooked to, The Newsroom is definitely that show. It’s a drama, yes, but it also has hilarious, romantic, and can’t-get-up-you-are-so-into-it moments that make a show fantastic.

Wait, “Please present the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton…?” Why is President Clinton at the Golden Globe Awards? Okay, he’s introducing Lincoln, fine; I get that, but really, Clinton? This isn’t really your scene. More power to you, I guess if I could be up there introducing a film, even if I didn’t fit in at all, I’d do it, too. And getting triple the applause of anybody else who has been up there all evening is reason enough to make a little Globes cameo.

Jennifer Lawrence! The odds were ever in her favor! Okay, no more Hunger Games references. Jennifer was amazing in Silver Linings Playbook (the movie was amazing, as well). As much as I love Meryl Streep and as much as I think she is incredible in every film and can literally play any character and do it perfectly, I am so excited for Jennifer (and beating Meryl? That’s an award in itself, sister). She seems like one of the most down to earth, I-want-to-be-her-best-friend types of people, and I really hope this is the start of an amazing career that she deserves (after finishing the rest of The Hunger Games movies, of course…).

And Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture (or in this case…a Tony for the big screen) goes to Anne Hathaway! SO DESERVED. Such an amazing performance! Being in theatre we are often told how theatre and movie acting is so different because a different spectrum of emotion is needed, but honestly Anne takes the role of Fantine and proves she’s perfectly suited for the silver screen and the Great White Way. And a shout out to the Princess of Genovia always gets a thumbs up from me.

Ditto what I said earlier about Hayden Panettiere for Connie Britton (love her) of Nashville, who was nominated (but lost) for Best Actress in a TV Series- Drama.

Okay, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s dresses: I am in love. So far, I want all of them in my closet. I don’t have any events I could remotely wear any of them to, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t live a lovely life in my closet. Truth. Also, Tina, that jab about Taylor Swift and Michael J. Fox’s son was just lovely.

As sad I am to see Smash lost the Best TV Series-Comedy Globe, I have decided that I am now officially watching Girls. I’m late, I know, but better late than never, right? Two Globes won and a few more to go? Yeah, definitely getting in on this.

Hugh Jackman wins for Best Actor in a Movie Comedy/Musical! WELL DESERVED (and once again a Tony for the big screen…essentially). I’m a little disappointed Bradley Cooper didn’t win (though Jackman did deserve it more), I am very excited about this win! I love seeing such love for Broadway in the TV and movie world, and the movie itself (as well as the score/ characters/ scenery/ editing…etc. Yes I loved this movie) was fantastic. I’m hoping it sees as much Oscar love in a few weeks!

Best Motion Picture- Comedy or Musical: Les Miserables!!! And yes, “Do You Hear the People Sing?” is playing in the background. Theatre geek is pleased.

As much as I didn’t love Lincoln, I do believe the acting was superb. Even if the plot didn’t enthrall me, there was no doubt in my mind that Daniel Day Lewis was Abraham Lincoln, and that image and complete characterization was reflected in his win for Best Actor in a Motion Picture. He did deserve this Globe, so congratulations, Mr. Lincoln!

Tina and Amy- A+ (as if any of us ever had a doubt!)

This blog post has been one of my longer ones (if you’ve made it this far…thank you!), but it’s a three-hour newscast, people, and obviously I am going to have some thoughts. And with that, I get in bed and prepare for my first day of my second semester of my junior year (eek!). Goodnight, lovelies!!!



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