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Ah, awards season is upon us. Being that this is the first official awards season during which I am an active blogger (is it too soon to call myself a blogger yet?), I, of course, am very excited to delve deep into the world of red carpets, fashion dos and don’ts, television shows, movies, and the overall world of pop culture and entertainment. It also helps that not only am I still on winter break, but have been anchored to the couch due to an unfortunate cold most likely picked up in the frigid city that never sleeps, so I am all eyes and ears for tonight’s People’s Choice Awards. Awards season is also wonderful because it means I don’t have to rack my brain for creative blog posts (just kidding). And we’re off…

Okay, so I do not watch the Big Bang Theory, so I don’t know much about Kaley Cuoco, but is very personable and entertaining, and from the opening sketch alone (shout out Twilight and The Hunger Games) I’m looking forward to the rest of the awards show. I also love her white, sparkly dress she’s wearing during her opening monologue, so of course that’s always a plus. Oh, and those fans sitting on the stage during the show…how do I get that job?

I love Taylor Swift’s look. The “reaches-all-the-way-down-to-her-belly-button” cleavage is actually very classy and I love that she complimented the plain white dress with the beautiful turquoise earrings.

Okay, first awards for Favorite Comedic Actress goes to Jennifer Aniston. Now, I did not see Wanderlust but as an undying and forever fan of FRIENDS I have to give this one two thumbs up. Jennifer is such a great actress with the absolute cutest personality and it’s always nice to recognize Ms. Rachel Greene. And no I will not be writing about every single award because we’d be here all night and I could submit this post to be published into a novel…

Favorite Country Artist: I’m going to go ahead and predict this one is going to Taylor (oh look, I’m right). As much as I love T-Swift, I sadly have to inform you that she isn’t really a country singer (anymore). I’m a big fan, I’ve gone to two concerts (most likely will be going to a third this year), have all of her albums and know most of her songs by heart, but listen to her most recent album, Red, ya’ll. There are no country songs on it whatsoever. And the album before, Speak Now, had maybe two. Putting her in a category with Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean? I love all of them, but come on, people. I also didn’t miss the awkward rendition of One Direction’s “Live While we’re Young” as she walked off the stage.

Favorite Daytime TV Host: Ellen DeGeneres’ 13th award?!  You go, Glen Coco.

Favorite Comedic Actress: First of all, is Lea Michele considered a comedy actress? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love her, but comedic? Also, I’m really, really not enjoying that hairstyle. It sort of resembles an intricate version of my hair at the gym. Lea Michele, I absolutely love you, I am huge fan, but would much rather see you take home a Tony before a Best Comedic TV Actress award for a part you play brilliantly, but a part that is also very little comedy.

Favorite Comedic Actor: Okay, ditto what I just said for Chris Colfer. He is a brilliant actor, but not so much in the comedic category. Neil Patrick Harris, however (nominated, didn’t win)? Yes, Barney Stinson can take home a comedic award any day he wants. Kurt who was very funny in season 1 of Glee but now sings songs with Sarah Jessica Parker and stresses about his NYADA audition cannot.

Favorite Comedic Movie Actor: Adam Sandler, you reversed the people’s decision with that acceptance speech.

I’m not sure who wrote these little sketches/introductions that the people presenting awards feel obligated to perform before getting to what we actually want, but I assure you, it is not necessary nor is it helpful to your ratings. If I wanted to see confident people dance around in ballet costumes like idiots, I would pop in a home movie of my sister and I circa 1996.

Favorite Movie Actress: I love Jennifer Lawrence. I love The Hunger Games. I love her Mean Girls reference in her acceptance speech. No sarcastic comments here (though I’m not crazy about her dress).

Favorite Pop Artist: Katy Perry, I wasn’t aware you were performing in The Sound of Music after this, but I do agree with your win. Oh, and Taylor, this is your category next time.

Sandra Bullock, I definitely have a newfound respect for you. You are amazing. Maybe we can hang out/ get lunch in Austin sometime? Yeah, let me know, I’ll be waiting for your call.

Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress: The Perks of Being a Wallflower is my favorite book of all time (as I’ve said before), so I am thrilled that it won Best Dramatic Movie. And I do think that Emma Watson is a great actress and played the role of Sam wonderfully, but any acting award that Meryl Streep is nominated for and doesn’t win is a rob.

There is an award for Favorite Movie Fan Following, and “Twihards” won? Can we elect to rename that The “Vote here if you love TWILIGHTMSNLKHLSDHG!!!!” Award? Serves the same purpose, right? Yes, I am a Twilight fan. Yes, this award is a bit dumb.

The Hunger Games wins Favorite Action Movie (The fangirl inside me is screeching about that and the appearance of Josh Hutcherson and the excitement for the next movie and the anxiousness to see Finnick on the big screen and… okay, calming down now…), we can end the awards right there, yes? Insert some “May the odds be ever in your favor” joke.

The New Normal won Best New Comedy. Reppin’ it Broadway-style, Mr. Andrew Rannells. I love this show, by the way. And it doesn’t hurt that Mr. Matt Bomer aka my ideal Christian Grey is guest starring this month.

And with that, we have the first awards show of the season and my second blog about an awards show. Oh, Walgreens, try to be a little subtler next year. I’m hoping for a lot more of The Newsroom, Silver Linings Playbook, and Les Miserables in the awards coming up these next few weeks, but for the time being I hope I’ve given you an entertaining, humorous, and relevant recap of the People’s Choice Awards. See you all next week at the Golden Globes!



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