When This “Girl Meets World”

I consider myself a true Boy Meets World fan. Much like one of my other favorite shows, Friends, I have seen every episode. I can quote certain scenes. I can watch the episodes again and again and never grow tired of them. My heart still melts whenever I see Topanga standing outside Cory’s backdoor, soaked, in the rain after running away from Pittsburgh to come back to him. My chest tightens when Topanga proposes to Cory at their high school graduation. I smile when I watch the wedding episode. And, in true fan fashion, shed a tear when I watch the finale episode. Now that I’ve admitted some guilty pleasures and inevitably girly reactions to a television show, here’s why this is important-

In true social media fashion, recent news broke of a possible Boy Meets World sequel (though the more appropriate term would be spinoff) in the works. Without having any other details than that, 90s kids of the world (well, of the online world) exploded, myself being one of them. It didn’t matter that zero details were released and for all we knew this was merely a rumor; this was exciting stuff. There was a small chance Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Mr. Feeny would once again be reunited on television, and that in and of itself was reason to celebrate. So tweets were tweeted, Facebook statuses were posted, blogs were written (quite original, aren’t I?), and articles investigated this so called sequel.

Slowly, details began to trickle out. The first, the most important, and the most exciting being that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel were in serious talks to reprise their roles (of course, having anybody else play the beloved television couple isn’t even a question, but the fact that the two are in talks elevates the possibility from rumor to “oh my gosh this could totally happen AH!” status). The second is that the show would be titled Girl Meets World, and chronicle the life of Cory and Topanga’s preteen daughter. This piece of information was important too, but let’s put that on hold for a minute. Other details slowly trickled out over time (and by time I mean hours), as it was revealed that executive producer Michael Jacobs, of the original Boy Meets World, is spearheading this project. This remains a reassuring piece of information among a flood of doubts that followed my “90s kid freak out.” These doubts include the following-

  1. This show would most likely air on Disney Channel. Anybody (especially a 90’s kid) can tell you that programming even ten years ago was much better than the programming that currently airs. And no, I don’t think I feel this way just because I’m no longer in their targeted demographic (because even though it’s embarrassing I’ll admit I didn’t completely hate Hannah Montana even though it was geared for kids way younger than I was at the time). When I was growing up and watching Disney, I (and I’ll make this quick as I could literally go on for hours. And by literally I actually mean literally; I’ve sat down with friends trying to name every Disney Channel Original movie from our childhood, though very fun, is no easy task) had Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Boy Meets World, Doug and dozens of Disney Channel Original Movies like Smart House, Double Teamed, and Zenon. Now? I’m not even sure what Disney airs (pause…Wikipedia-ing as we speak…okay let’s continue) Shake-It-Up (a show about two girls on a local entertainment show), Austin and Ally (a show about two teenage musicians), and Jessie (a show about a Texas girl moving to NYC to become a nanny). Now, I’m sure these shows are perfectly enjoyable to their intended demographic, but would I watch them? No. Do the creators of these shows possibly thing a rebooted Boy Meets World should follow these themes? Yes. And that’s scary. If Cory and Topanga’s daughter turns out to be some music or acting superstar…
  2. My sister and I are huge fans of the current 90210 on The CW. We never watched the original series. My mom and dad had watched the original series, and they do not like the current one. Why? Because a whole different group of writers decided to take a classic show and reboot it for a younger generation. Clearly, it worked…for a younger generation that had never seen the original. That very same thing could happen with this. All of the 90’s kids turning on the television hoping to see the amazing cast reunited and continuing its former glory just years later may face a rebooted, rewritten show geared towards a younger demographic. And that younger demographic may love it, never knowing what to compare it to (how sad), but fans of the original will be left disappointed.

Despite these doubts however, it could also, if done right, be amazing. Ideally this new series would be like the fast-forward-in-time episode of Boy Meets World (Seven the Hard Way: Part II), only better (side note: the future scene in that episode, where they are all working adults and Cory and Topanga have a baby took place in 2006…six years ago…yes, you can start feeling old, because I do). Of course, I’m getting ahead of myself here, because Savage and Fishel have yet to even sign on to the project. But regardless of the direction the writers take, and regardless of how old the targeted demographic turns out to be, and regardless of how much of a Disney pop-star-tween show the network attempts to make it, getting a glimpse of how Cory and Topanga are doing nowadays is enough to get me to watch.


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