The (Pitch) Perfect Post

I’m baaaacccckkkkk! I am so sorry that I haven’t posted this week (although I’m sure many of you were relieved to have your Facebook and Twitters free of my incessant self promotion for a few days), but I was very busy filming and putting together my first package for Texas Newswatch (the news program run by Broadcast journalism classes) as well as attending this little Texas tradition known as Texas/OU Weekend. It was actually my first time going to the Texas/OU game (though after the way we played this isn’t something I’ll be bragging about any time soon), and I also got to attend the Texas State Fair for the very first time! It was very delicious (fried brownies, fried Oreos, fried cake balls, corn dogs, and funnel cakes…if that’s not a well balanced and nutritious meal I’m not sure what is…) and so fun. But now I’m back, and, though more tired than when I left for Dallas, ready to get back to business (which means blogging about this week’s entertainment!).

Thursday night I saw Pitch Perfect (finally) and loved it. As promised, here is my review (a bit late I know, but my movie schedule is a little bit behind). I would definitely recommend it to any fans of comedy (large demographic), Glee (a bit smaller demographic), and fans of college a cappella groups (all three of you…kidding). Granted, it did steal its plot a bit from the Glee handbook, but the movie was very funny and included some catchy songs sung by some very talented actors. It is set on the Barden College campus where four a cappella groups are all recruiting for the coming school year. After a rather embarrassing performance the following year at Nationals (thank you, Glee), the all-girls group, The Bellas, are eager and a bit desperate to gain talented (or not so talented) members. They are especially eager to gain Beca (Anna Kendrick), who would rather spend her time DJ-ing but is pressured by her father to get more involved in school. Their main rivals are the all-boys a cappella group, The TrebleMakers (genius name), known for their more daring and mainstream musical (the Bellas stick to “songs made famous by women” and, according to Beca “nothing from this century). The TrebleMakers end up recruiting Jesse, played by Skylar Astin of (for you Broadway people) Spring Awakening (this literally drove me crazy through the movie because I knew I recognized his name from somewhere and finally figured it out it was from my Spring Awakening soundtrack).

From there the movie showcases both groups’ ups and downs, all with the inevitable comedy placed wonderfully in between. Among some cheesier aspects include the many (and I mean many a cappella puns. This included the understandable “acca-xuse me?” and harder to appreciate (but laughable as said by Rebel Wilson) “acca-awkward,” among several others). Bridesmaids’ Rebel Wilson provides the obvious comedic relief, putting on her usual and unique charm. The majority of the characters have great voices, which came as a shock to me for some (I never knew Brittany Snow was a singer), and a nice reminder for others (Skylar Astin and Anna Kendrick, who I’d seen sing in every theatre lovers favorite cult movie, Camp). I definitely recommend going out to see this (after you see Perks) if you’re a sort of, kind of, possibly a fan of Glee, like the movie The Breakfast Club (quite a few references to it, surprisingly, but it works) and/or want a nice laugh.

In other entertainment news, it was announced that Matt Bomer would be playing Andrew Rannells’ ex-boyfriend on The New Normal. I didn’t know who Bomer was until seeing him in Magic Mike this summer, but I absolutely fell in love with him and (amongst all the other rumors and speculations going around) think he would be the perfect Christian Grey. Seriously, if you’ve read the books (or even know a teeny tiny bit about what they are about) look at this picture and tell me he isn’t the (or one of the) perfect choice for the dark, mysterious, beautiful millionaire. Celebrity crushes continued, for sure…Regardless, I am really excited to see him on The New Normal (great show by the way, everybody should watch it).

As we’ve already established, I watch way to many television shows. It’s been a week already so I’m not going to talk about the season premieres of Gossip Girl (horrible, such a big disappointment and so obvious that the writers have run out of ideas and are just trying to stretch it until the end of this (the last) season. Here’s a crazy idea…use the books for plot ideas! Insane, really, I’m aware…) and 90210 (took a different direction than I expected but I still really liked it. I’d been re-watching season 1 at the gym, so going from season 1 to season 5 over the course of an hour was a weird jump, I don’t recommend it…), but I will talk about Nashville for a little bit. I was really excited to watch this and I was really pleasantly surprised. The show is a drama which isn’t usually what I watch a lot of, but if you’re a fan of country music and characters that resemble Taylor Swift (Hayden Panettiere) but with a much bitchier attitude and a liking of sleeping her way to the top, you’ll definitely love the feistiness of this show. Both leading ladies (Connie Britton and Panettiere) have voices very suited for country music and the songs are actually pretty catchy, as well. Additionally, the setting, Nashville, is vastly shown, so country music fans will recognize and appreciate the scenes that take place in the Bluebird Café, among others. The plot so far seems a bit predictable, but nonetheless I am looking forward to continuing with this show.

Speaking of Swift, I have yet to hear any songs released from her new album, Red, (aside from We are Never Ever Getting Back Together), so I am really interested to listen to the few songs that have been released (I know, Worst Fan Award right here). I’ve heard good and bad things about it (good: the songs are catchy and relatable per usual, bad: not so much of the country anymore) but that’s definitely on my to do list of music.

Like I said before, I am currently editing my first Texas Newswatch package so expect to see that up within the next couple of days. Also, look out for another post this week (sorry I got a bit behind). Have a great week and remember to follow me @TheReelWendi!


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