The Perks of Being “Glee”-ful

Happy Sunday! Normally I would post a recap of this week’s biggest entertainment news, but unfortunately, not much happened within the world of pop culture this week (I mean, Ben Affleck left an apology note on a car he hit and Russell Brand once more took a mystery woman out on a date…intriguing stuff). Instead, I thought I’d touch on two entertainment topics both near and dear to me (not Broadway! A shock I’m aware), my much loved and probably overly discussed Perks of Being a Wallflower (last post on it I promise!) and my love/hate relationship with Glee.

I finally saw The Perks of Being A Wallflower, ya’ll! Now, I’m not going to do an entire post on it because I already did one on the book, but I will dedicate a paragraph to explain to you why you need to see it (don’t worry, no spoilers). Now, I am an avid reader and have read everything from Jane Eyre to The Hunger Games. I have this thing where if I see a preview for a movie based on a book, I immediately will go out and read that book. This usually leads to me shooting myself in the foot because I can’t enjoy the movie to its fullest potential because I’ll nit pick every single detail. On the other side of the spectrum, however, sometimes I am so infatuated with the book that the movie can be horrible and I will still think it is amazing (for example, that entire year after the first Twilight came out when I was convinced it was the greatest movie ever made. Watched it again recently, turns out it’s not all that great, and by that I mean it’s pretty laughable (shocking)). Anyways, the point is that reading the book beforehand influences how I interpret the movie one way or another, which is a bit inevitable. However, being that Perks isn’t written the way an average book is (it doesn’t include chapters but letters written by the main character to an anonymous recipient), I knew changes would be made. The movie definitely did not disappoint. For those who read the book, it follows it almost completely (the screenplay was written by the author, who also directed it). Logan Lerman, who plays Charlie, was (albeit a bit older looking than fifteen year old Charlie) perfectly cast and filled the role fully. He also may or may not be (and but that of course I mean he is) my newest celebrity crush (sorry Darren Criss, I still love you too). To those who haven’t read the book, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. The beginning is a little slow, and if you aren’t sure what the movie/book is about you may be asking yourself where it is going, but by the end I promise all questions will be answered, emotions will be overwhelming, and you will find yourself wanting to read the book. Okay, moving on…

Glee: Since it debuted four years ago, I have been a loyal and true until the end Glee fan. I mean, it’s a show dedicated to show tunes and often features several Broadway guest stars (hello celebrity crushes (continued) Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Groff), and main stars, hello Lea Michele. The show was basically created for people like me. However, I know I am not alone in admitting that Season 3 was a bit of a train wreck (it’s ok, it happens, it happened to The OC’s season 3 as well and that show is still a classic). However, Thursday night’s episode quite possibly made up for all of that. Not only did it feature some classic nineties music (which is an okay exception to show tunes (which they need to do more of) in my opinion) with Don’t Speak and Barely Breathing (both of which I have listened to on loop for the past few days (no shame), but the acting was the most genuine it has been in a long time. I’d recently mostly been watching just for Darren Criss (celebrity crushes continued), but the storyline was intriguing, emotional, and made me eager to watch the next episode following its hiatus (ergo the desired effect sought after by the producers). Hopefully this is the start of a trend of interesting, funny episodes a la Season 1.

Side note: Both 90210 and the last season of Gossip Girl premiere tomorrow night. Unfortunately Switched at Birth and How I Met Your Mother are on at the same time, presenting some problems for my DVR (tough life, right?). Though I love 90210 a bit more (sorry GG, I did love your books, though!) I am equally excited for both premieres (add Chace Crawford to that ongoing celebrity crush list). Expect some form of blog post or commentary regarding the two of these this week, because it’s going to be great (the episodes, not necessarily the posts. Actually scratch that, hell yeah the posts!).

Another side note: Thank you everybody for your wonderful reactions to my first video blog! I really appreciated it and am definitely planning on doing many more. Keep your eyes open and make sure to tell people about my blog! I’m hoping to build my reader (fan? Maybe that’s stretching it a tad) base and the only way to do that is to share my site! I’m currently working on a news package for class and will be helping a friend film a movie this coming week, so between the two of those things expect a video blog by the end of next week. Have a great week, everybody!


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